YBN Nahmir - Fast Car Music

One word sums up everything us YBN Nahmir fans have been thinking and that’s....finally!

On March 26, Nahmir officially released his new debut album, “Visionland.” Coming off the Tik-Tok hit “Opp Stoppa” and remix with 21 Savage, it is prime time to push out a project! Jam packed with an astonishing 20 records, Nahmir drops a short film titled “Fast Car Music”, which is a collection of tracks six through nine. One thing we all know about Mr. Nick Santana, he loves fast cars, women and bouncin’ with his .44 like the good ole days. Stated in an interview, Nahmir wanted an album for himself and what he wants to listen too; especially while driving fast. Over the 20 tracks, you will hear that west coast, Cali bounce that Nahmir has grown into, but his Birmingham, Alabama roots are still deep in his love for trap music with fast hi-hats and booming 808s. You really get a taste of Nahmir at his best, during this duration of music Vin Diesel and Paul Walker would have had their pedals to the floor.

Stain begins the series and it’s the perfect beginning. Immediately you hear the hook and picture yourself in the driver seat going mock speeds hitting lefts and right like you have 5-stars in GTA. Super catchy but menacing piano leads as if Metro Boomin produced it, has Nahmir ready to seek revenge in this video. The transition to Prison is nearly seamless as it levels up the aggression of his flow. “When it was pressure, my friends turned to snitches” Nahmir raps. Anyone coming into YBN might not know the history, but it’s a big topic if you are from the city. Nahmir takes his new life serious, and doesn’t plan to let anyone take away the things he loves; even past friendships. Moving on to Lamb Truck, the Cali-influence and bounce is alive and well. Melody is very drowned out, warped as if it’s in reverse, but the percussion makes your head bob through the record. Surprisingly this song lyrically has nothing to do with a Lamb Truck, so we gonna speed to the next one. Finishing out the saga, Nahmir keeps it short and sweet. “My car got performance, you know that’s it’s riding, got boost on Forgiatos” Nahmir raps. Keeping his obsession alive and well, he ends just like he started...leaving his stain on what fast car music should sound like.

Shoutout to Nahmir for keeping it together all these years, and delivering what he’s been so eager to put out. Make sure to follow him @ybnnahmir on Instagram and follow us @lawnchairyouth for more content, videos and music.