Big Yavo - Hot Box

There is no denying that Big Yavo is making an extraordinary push to dominate the music industry in 2021. Ever since dropping his breakout hit “No Pen” just last year, he has turned his signature sound of catchy punchlines mixed with aggressive, turnt vocals to a household name. You can’t go to any club in Alabama without hearing at least one record from the upcoming star in the making. The official second mixtape titled hilariously “Dumbass” is full of club anthems, head-rocking instrumentals and, you guessed it, lyrics that will have you saying “On God” after you hear them. We are lucky enough to be given the “exclusive” Niles Bryant visual to Big Yavo’s new single “Hot Box” today!

The record begins with heavy, booming 808s that you’d hear in majority of Big Yavo records, but this time, instead of a piano styled instrumental, we are hearing more of a third world chant/choir throughout the track. This choice of production has you thinking to yourself: “How will he ride this? This is about to go crazy! This s*** sounds different!” The oouu’s and aahh’s of the chant go from low too high, creating this airy, chilling atmosphere that would make majority of rappers question hopping on the track. Luckily enough for us, Big Yavo ain’t scared to rap over anything!

“Hot Box” is Big Yavo at his most braggadocious! Highlighting his come-up to money, fame, weaponry and popularity with women. Contrary to the name, the song doesn’t focus on the use of marijuana, but his newly found lifestyle and iron lungs are shown in the new music video. His go-to videographer Niles Bryant captures Yavo and fellow GG members with stacks, packs, racks, and sacks of weed that would give Willie Nelson a run for his money. Shot while in Los Angeles, the duo look like they raided a Cookies Dispensary then darted back to their lavish, living space to roll up and enjoy the spoils that hip hop granted him. “On the block for so long, startin to fell like a stop sign / Before I turned 10, I had a Glock 9” Yavo raps. Residing from Westside of Birmingham, Yavo has loads of references in his music to the living conditions of his community. Even at a young age, you feel like the only way to stay safe is too have protection on you. Purchasing a Glock is seen as taking your life more serious, or in other words; a way to keep your life going. Flashing a gun is one thing, but Yavo flashes something else…no Dumbass…I’m talking about jewelry, clothes, bags and money! Stuffing anything he raps about into his SprayGround bag then pulling off with a b**** like Velma in his Mystery Van full of narcotics, sticks and paraphernalia. Not being scared to pull up on the people who disrespect or threaten him in the process. “These n*****s small fries, b**** I’m going large!”

One thing is for sure, Yavo is gunning full speed into fan’s hearts to make him the top choice to get the party jumping! By the end of 2021, I am confident Big Yavo will break more barriers and make his way higher and higher into the rap game. You can follow him over on Instagram @Big_Yavo and stream his latest mixtape “Dumbass” anywhere!