JUAKIA, LUH SHAD - Love For Nobody

When I heard Juakia and Luh Shad had a record in the works, I already knew I’d have it on repeat. Thankfully...I was right!

Love For Nobody says it all in the title, and knowing these two, nothing will be subtle. Luh Shad begins by stating: “See I’m at the point of my life where I got no love for nobody.” Immediately his tone of voice sounds defeated and outspoken, but his burdens slice right through the heavy 808s bar after bar. The mire raw, spiteful delivery of his lyrics shows listeners why he’s no longer granting anyone the chance to cause him heartbreak and despair. Closing himself off from others is the first step to ease any future pain that will come his way. “Gotta play for keeps off in these streets, you know this s*** / You get killed playing both sides, who you rolling with” Shad raps. Any Alabamian knows, the street life in Birmingham is far from sweet. You either have your guard up at all times, or be prepared for hate, disbandment, envy, pocket watching or disloyal people daily. Shad ends his verse rapping one of the realest lyrics I’ve ever heard, “who the f*** wanna sit around and be broke.” Ain’t that the truth! The perfect way to fold into the intense, resentful vocals from Juakia.

Juakia sings “F*** love I don’t need it. Painting the most vivid picture for the audience; quickly telling you where she is coming from. Hardships always stem from the people closest to you. The people who know and see you day in and day out. The type of person who could use it against you. Even worse, people who pressure you to give them your time, money, and energy with no expectation of repaying or achieve a similar reaction. These people are who Juakia is addressing with her powerful, angelic voice that radiates over the track; keeping the listener reminiscing over their own struggles. “I’m falling hard, yeah the deep end.”  The position she is in will smother you if you are weak, and tear you down piece by piece. Juakia is always striving to stay afloat physically, mentally and now musically. The best choice for her is remaining aware and telling it how it is.

Juakia’s range as an artist is unmatched to the ever growing Birmingham scene; especially in the accompaniment of Luh Shad, who will deliver the verse you’d pray your favorite rapper would give you. “Love For Nobody” has been blessed with a music video directed by Carlisle Jones. You can watch it below. After that, please check it out and follow both artists on Instagram: @Juakia01 @LuhShad_1k