Luh Soldier - Slide

If you are a fan of the music from Birmingham, AL, you can’t go anywhere without giving credit to Luh Soldier for creating a buzz in the city! Coming fresh off his latest mixtape, “Soldier Mentality 2”, we are given a brand new single titled “Slide” and a crisp, laid back visual from, one of my favorite directors, Shot By Jolo! So let’s slide right into it!

“Slide” is the type of record you wish you had a Hellcat to ride through your hood and show you made it. The soft, compressed piano melody is topped by punchy hi-hats and a panned vibrating lead that makes you feel like you’re floating as you hit 120 going down I-59.

“You can put all the odds against me, I betcha I’m f****** the game up” Luh Soldier raps. Hailing from the Eastside of Birmingham, you will hear that gritty, down south vocal on nearly every track, but the great part about Luh Soldier; he can push the button anytime and switch it up! The instrumental is more calm and mellow than majority of Luh Soldier’s music, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to make everyone know he’s ready to pop up and shoot. “We come through that b**** and we shoot, I’m the Lieutenant!” You get a vivid image of Soldier on his boss s*** in the video next to his fellow Soldier Life affiliates. With plenty of Fast cars with push starts and dice games going in the background, you know Soldier is getting to the bag at a steady pace. I’m waiting to pull up to the local Shell station and hear trunks rattle as they blare “Slide” then do enough donuts that would make Jonny Shipes happy!  Always love seeing Bama’s own doing what they do out their raps.

Luh Soldier and his Cinematic team have big things planned for 2021, and I’m ready to hear what comes next from the Lieutenant himself. Make sure to follow him @LuhSoldier on Instagram and watch his new video below!