Mooski - Track Star

Mooski has officially taken the world by storm with his new single “Track Star,” and is slowly making his way into stardom. Hailing from Opp, Alabama, Mooski has taken over TikTok and your favorite rappers instagram with his breakout single. As of April 7th, he teamed up with buzzing Boston/New Jersey, TikTok Queen Coi Leray to co-star in an incredible BenMarc directed visual.

Let’s go ahead and cut out majority of the long, drawn out talk: Track Star is a hit and will get you dancing immediately! There is no way you’d expect what would come from this track based on the first twenty seconds. The afro-beat hi-hats beginning pecking at your eardrums with wavy, soothing vocal samples that will have you wishing a drink was in your hand while exploring the night life. BenMarc does a great job at capturing this energy with Mooski enjoying himself at a Jamaican-esk club, and noticing Coi Leray dancing underneath the lights waiting for him to approach her. Eventually bringing her back to his place where the toxic, stressful relationship begins for the both of them. “She gon' run away when it gets hard / She can't take the pain, she can't get scarred / She hurt' anyone that gets involved” Mooski sings. The brittle nature of a lost soul wondering if she’s worth it or not to love someone, but overthinks any ideal world where she will be happy and runs away to save herself; when in reality she’s afraid of commitment. Mooski delivers a very different form of RnB; which brings this record its uniqueness. His voice is not traditional by any means with a vocal delivery that’s a bit off at moments and on the bend of breaking throughout notes. Between all the realization that this girl is going to be able to cope with love or someone new, Mooski fills in these gaps with mesmerizing harmonics and grooves to keep you flowing as you listen.

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