TLE Cinco - Still Live

Bessemer, Alabama native and TruckLoad head honcho TLE Cinco is back with new music and an exclusive WorldStarHipHop visual directed by Philly Fly Boy. Soon as this record begins you hear a female voice mutter, “Scott Storch”. Yes that legendary, multi-grammy winning producer Scott Storch has linked with TLE Cinco to deliver the most polished, Cinco type instrumental I have ever heard!

Fresh out of being locked up, Cinco is getting the ball rolling quick. “I’m still live, y’all n***** gon still die” Cinco raps as he opens the track. One thing I would like to address early on, this is not your “Fix the Mic” or “Check Dis” Cinco; he seems new and improved. What I am getting at is, he eats this track alive in a way I haven’t hear him do sonically before. With the trickling, soft piano lead that grooves through the huge, floor shaking percussion, no wonder I feel Cinco could achieve this with Mr. Scorch himself. The real bread and butter of this record is the hook. It’s catchy. It’s a vibe. It tells you more of his story at the moment than any clever punchline could in his two verses. “Everybody ain’t me, I realized, tried to quit codeine my 5th”. The spiraling world of hip hop is filled of long nights where, regardless if you make $10, $1000 or six figures, anyone can be around you but no one can be just like you. A lesson like that runs deep; especially if you deal with the addiction of a substance and envy of ones around you. Luckily for us, Cinco has stapled himself in Alabama and we love that he is still here.

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