CTG DayDay, Big30 - Trappin’ & Rappin’

Sometimes the best music an artist can make comes from the excitement and energy that happens while at the studio. Cooking with the right engineer, the right producer, your friends and family vibing as you lay down vocals and your own personal cameraman ready to shoot on the spot; there is no way you could fail. Luckily for us, DayDay gave one of his best performances to date alongside, the Memphis, TN juggernaut, Big30 for a monstrous record.

Not even two seconds into the song, CTG DayDay is breaking the silence and getting you right to his message: “We Trappin and Rappin, do whatever to get to the money.” “Trappin’ and Rappin” is a club anthem that is more aggressive and raw than majority of DayDay’s other music, and has quickly skyrocketed after previewing the Krispy Kam (@KrispyKam) visual on March 13th. From what I gathered, the song was recorded, mixed, shot and edited in less than 24 hours! It shows how much excitement was put into this record, and DayDay and Kam couldn’t wait to show the world. Diving into this record, DayDay isn’t taking any breaths! He came into “Trappin and Rappin” hungry, and ready to talk his s***! Letting everyone know he is on the come-up and he’s ready for war if its about the money. “A n**** never ever did me nothin’ / I know a p**** n**** won’t do me s***” DayDay raps. Pressing the fact that his gang has the right moves in the dope game to flip a profit, and they are moving with Glocks, sticks and racks if you plan to intervene.

As we get closer to Big30’s feature, KingMaticBeats instrumental is tearing down the house with his booming production that could cause a rockslide outside. Eventually you hear the signature, “BLRRRRRRRRR” gearing up 30 fans for an intense, bar heavy, trap jumpin’ performance. “Shoot up your grave, leave holes in your casket” Big30 raps as he takes us on a tremendous, hood mentality flow that would have his opps scared to be the next ones in his blunt! In the visual from Kam, you see Big30 flashing jewelry, stacks of money and his cup of dirty. The perfect trilogy to know the vibe in the studio is going to make everyone be turnt, and enough smoke to have Bessemer Fire Department come to see if the building is on fire. Thankfully, it is just this song! Currently the song sits at 42,000 views on YouTube in two days. There is no telling where it will go from here, but I wish the best for CTG DayDay and his team!

Please take a moment out of your day to go watch the video below. Us at LCY Media, love to see Alabama artists collaborate with big artists to create more buzz for the state. Go follow CTG DayDay and Big30 on Instagram @StreetsLoveDayDay and @CEOBig30, and we will see you on the next post so follow us at @LawnchairYouth.