LCY IS GOING GLOBAL! No, but really. We have opened international shipping on all of our products and here's what to expect.

There's no way around it.. shipping across the world is expensive. BUT we as a company agree that Customs Chargers and Import Fees shouldn't stop our customers from enjoying our products.

So, we are taking the step by offering Flat-Rate Parcel Shipping. Meaning we cover Import Fees and Customs Chargers, leaving you with a cheaper Parcel Exchange Rate. Not to be confused with USPS flat rate parcels, this is a less expensive option we provide to ensure our customers get the most out of their dollar.

Unfortunately, these rates are still higher than U.S postage. There's simply no way around that, but we are committed to sharing our products worldwide by cutting costs to you up to 60%.

Here are some tips to help with your checkout.

‣ To you the customer, you save $$ when you order multiple products at a time vs one item each transaction. Our Flat-Rate parcels cost the same wether you purchase 1 or 100 items.

‣ Though rates increase with each item you purchase, we pay all additional shipping charges on the back end. Making the process both cheaper and easier for customers at checkout.

‣ We also apply insurance to all international orders at no cost to you. So in the unfortunate event an item is lost in transit we will cover any additional fees to re-ship your order.

We appreciate your business and hope this shows our gratitude to everyone who supports LCY. From our little hometown in Alabama, to our friends in the outback, thank you.




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